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Throughout my life, I have struggled with run-of-the-mill white girl problems (I guess they span all demographics, but I do love the phrase “white girl problems” and have been dying to use it, so excuse the inaccurate reference), to include anxiety, acne, digestive upset, sugar cravings, and overindulgence in the finer things in life.  However, in our culture, all of these are considered normal, so I never found a way to permanently eradicate these nagging issues.  Instead, I went from pill to cream and back to a pill again, desperately seeking lasting solutions.


See what I mean by overindulgence?

It wasn’t until I met a holistic nutritionist who taught me how to really eat and live healthfully that I opened my eyes to the possibilities of natural healing.  I became a voracious student of nutrition and, being a writer, began to write health articles for Natural News (an amazingly educational website) and create marketing materials for other nutrition-focused companies.

This hunger for information led me to want to take things a step further and I enrolled as a student with the Nutritional Therapy Association, where I am currently studying to become a certified nutritional therapist.  I am already working one-on-one with clients to help them work toward vibrant health through the amazing healing powers of nutrition.

The combination of my passion for writing, nutrition, travel, and all things wellness led me to start this blog.  I hope to be able to help you stay well and sane at the same time, as maintaining health in a sea of processed food can be tough.  Read more about the inspiration behind the blog here.

Before I sign off, you may be wondering, “Are all of your problems behind you?  Are you fully healed?”  And the answer is no!  Lifelong wellness is not a static state, but an ever-changing journey that is accompanied by constant achievements and challenges.  We all have good days and bad days, over-consumption of chocolate days, and can barely open our eyes days, and that is just life.  We work toward wellness in the hopes that our energetic days are more numerous than our exhausted ones and so that ultimately, we can prevent disease.

Unfortunately, achieving perfect health in a world full of prescription medications, stress, and toxins in our food, water and air is nearly impossible, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth fighting for.  What it means is that we have to double our efforts to do everything we can to protect and nourish our minds and bodies.  After all, a truly nourished, disease-free mind and body is as close to perfection in life as we can ever hope for.


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