Egg-less Sweet Potato #Hash

August 4, 2015

Sometimes I make a special attempt at food rotation.  If you haven’t heard of food rotation, it’s basically just what it sounds like– rotating your food choices on a regular basis and including lots of variety in your diet so that your body does not become intolerant or sensitive to certain foods.  There are numerous factors that can lead to food intolerances or sensitivities, which include stress, digestive dysfunction, and poor quality food and water, but a major contributor can be overexposure to substances in foods if you consume them on a daily basis without a break.  When we expose our bodies to the exact same foods everyday, we  may have an immune response if the particular food does not agree with us in some way.  This taxes our immune systems, often without us even knowing (particularly because we don’t always experience an immediate or noticeable reaction).

Therefore, in order to avoid stressing our bodies even more than they already are, it is important to diversify and rotate our food choices so that we can reduce the stress load.  It’s like giving our bodies a little vacation and saying, “Hey, take a load off.”  I try to do this particularly with the top allergenic foods, which are eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, sesame, gluten, corn, soy, sulfites, nitrates, and fish/shellfish.  I have been tested for sensitivities to these foods, as well as others, and know that I do have some sensitivities.  While none of them are blatantly obvious and don’t bother my stomach, I know that my body does not like to be constantly inundated with these foods, which is why I try to remember to rotate them out of my diet at times.

So that was a long introduction to this recipe, but on weekends especially, I crave eggs for breakfast.  There is nothing that says breakfast or brunch like eggs and bacon.  Yum.  However, I know that I am a bit sensitive to eggs (as many people are) and decided I should lay off of them for a couple weeks.

What’s a girl to do without eggs on the weekend?!  I fretted for about five minutes, but have learned to become quite resourceful in this whole process, so all it took was a bit of Googling “egg-less hash recipes” and a few minutes later, had revised this recipe based on what was in my fridge and came up with this beautiful hash.

This would work wonderfully as a side dish for any meal as well.  The bonus for me was that I did not have to share it because my husband can’t eat bacon– yay.  He’s a porkless wonder. I can’t imagine life without bacon.  You can sub these veggies for anything you have in your kitchen, and also use any type of potato you fancy.  I do not own a microwave, so it was handy to have a leftover sweet potato that had been cooked in the oven the night before.

Happy #Hashing!

egg-less sweet potato hash


  • sweet potato
  • 1/4-1/2 onion
  • bell pepper
  • 2-3 strips bacon
  • parsley as desired


You can probably guess how to make this one, but I’ll tell you anyway.

1. If your potato(es) are not already cooked, cook them until they are slightly underdone since you’ll be cooking them further in the hash.

2. Cook bacon strips in a skillet over the stove and move to a plate when it’s cooked to your desire.

3. Chop onion and add it to bacon grease in skillet and let it soften for a couple minutes over medium heat.

4. Chop and add diced bell pepper to skillet, allowing it to soften as well.

5. After the onion and bell pepper are softened, add diced potato to the skillet for a few minutes.

6. Chop bacon and parsley and add to the hash.

7. Devour.

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