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July 24, 2015

When I tell you this you probably won’t believe me, but it wasn’t until last week (yes, last week!) that I discovered how to use the filter on the iPhone camera.  All those pictures I saw on Instagram hashtagged #nofilter meant little to me until I actually discovered them myself.  I can certainly see the appeal.  They can make any landscape look artsy and people look a lot less, well, harsh.  Filters take all the guesswork out of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses– they do it for us.

Anyway, I want to share a few of my favorite food experiences with you from both home and away, and let me tell you, this food needs no filters.  It speaks for itself.  (And I didn’t know how to use a filter when I took these photos, so it wasn’t an option anyway.)  If you like what you see, check out the individual posts!

WARNING: Do not proceed to the rest of this post if you are at all hungry and do not currently have access to food. You will be sorry.

1.Egg-less Sweet Potato #Hash

egg-less sweet potato hash

I’m starting with a home-cooked favorite that I concocted by revising a few other egg-less hash recipes.  I do enjoy an occasional pun (inherited this from my mother), so excuse the #hash above, but it seemed slightly relevant since I was just discussing the whole #nofilter thing.  Check out the post for the recipe!  It’s so versatile; you can have it at any time of the day as a side dish or a full meal.

2. A Feast in the Forest


Feast your eyes on this feast I had  in a storybook forest in the mountains of Italy.  If I didn’t have the pictures to prove it, I wouldn’t believe this place was real.

3. Trout for Two


Actually it was just for one (me), but it looks like it could be for two.  And “trout for two” sounds much better than “trout for one” or “yes, I ate that whole plate of trout.”  Check out this post on The Kitchen, a neighborhood bistro in Denver that is committed to serving food that has been sourced from the community to the community– this place is all about the locals and what’s local.





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