Meet Rick

Welcome to The Organic Carrot! Allow me to introduce you to Rick the donkey, who resides alongside a herd of goats in my yard. Though he cannot speak and hasn’t bathed in years (or ever, for that matter), Rick is much more than meets the eye—he is one nutritionally savvy pet.


I know you were waiting for a full body shot of Rick.

Unlike modern humans, whose dietary choices are largely influenced by convenience, cravings, and our companions, Rick relies purely on his senses to decipher which foods are worthy of entering his burly belly. Having been warned of Rick’s refined nature, I decided to put him to the test when we first met and offered him both a conventional and an organic carrot. He patiently smelled each one and paused before reaching for the organic carrot. When he finished, he turned his nose up to the conventional carrot and walked away.

Clearly attuned to his instincts, Rick did something that many of us have lost the ability to do—to use our natural instincts in order to make the best choices for our bodies.

This blog is inspired by the simple, yet often overlooked concept that all of the answers to living a healthful, balanced life are right under our noses—we just have to learn how to use them. If an ass can do it, then so can we.

Here’s to discovering your innate wisdom!


Rick and his buddies


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  • Reply Anais November 7, 2015 at 12:20 am

    Rick is a smart ass!!
    I love how it was a smart ass that inspired your blog name!! Most people don’t like smart ass-es but I really like this one!!

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