Welcome to The Organic Carrot! I am so glad you stopped by. My hope is that we can help each other navigate the often rocky, but exhilarating and liberating road true wellness. By that I mean feeling our happiest and being at peace with ourselves and the world around us.

There are many avenues we must travel to discover what helps us become our most vibrant versions of ourselves, whether it’s exercise, meditation, yoga, or nutrition—for many of us, it’s all of the above and more. Fortunately, our bodies have the innate wisdom to tell us exactly what they need—we just have to learn how to tune into ourselves.

Unlike the countless inspiring blogs out there with beautiful photos of exquisitely executed recipes, this blog will focus a lot on where to find healthy food in places other than your kitchen (though I do spend countless hours in my kitchen, so there will be some of that too, less the beautiful photos). It will also chronicle my findings of all health-promoting people and places I encounter, from farm-to-table restaurants to wellness hotels.

Because I love to travel, I am on a constant quest to discover ways to maintain health outside of my home and my everyday routine. Just because we are “out of our routines” does not mean that our bodies need to be out of sync. The good news is they don’t have to be. Yes, we live in a French fry, Frappuccino-laden world, but we are in luck that there are yoga studios popping up on every corner and organic fresh-pressed juiceries are the new Starbucks. Our voices are being heard. We are reaching a turning point where we may not always have to pack our own carrot sticks or apples and almond butter every time we leave the house.

I understand that living a normal life can be a struggle for those seeking natural healing. I often feel the same way. However, holing up in our gluten and sugar-free kitchens isn’t allowing us to be the spontaneous explorers we (sometimes) need to be. After all, it is often true that the prisons we put ourselves in become the greatest roadblocks in our ability to heal. Without new experiences and adventure, we can’t be truly well. Therefore, my goal is to help each other stay nourished and balanced no matter where in the world we are, with or without our organic carrots.




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